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Tattooed parents photography by Belle Verdiglione –


Tattooed parents all over the world are experiencing prejudice. But in order to prove that tattooed parenthood was not only normal, but also as gorgeous as any other type of parenthood, Australian photographer Belle Verdiglione started shooting inked mothers with their offsprings, then, inked fathers and finally, happy and beautiful inked families… We have talked with her about her project Heart on my sleeve.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Tattooed-Parents-Belle-Verdiglione-1-578x385
Hi I’m Belle, mama, wife, birth feminist, world adventurer, lover of vintage and a happy snapper. I live in Perth, Western Australia where we have the best beaches in the world. (I may lose some readers right there and welcome them to prove me wrong).

What’s the story and goal behind your project “Heart on my sleeve”? 
My inked mamas project aims to shake the outdated stereotypes that associate tattoos with rebellion & outcasts. I want to challenge this stigma and show how beautiful all mamas are no matter what. I wanted to share my love of ink, breastfeeding, baby wearing and motherhood by combining it all and showcasing it in this project. If you dig it great, if not, that’s perfectly fine.




Would you like to share some beautiful stories of tattooed parents you’ve met? 
I first met Angela Gallo online and just fell in love with her. I knew she would be the perfect mama to begin my project with and I wanted to capture her magnetic personality and fierce yet gentle maternal bond that she shares with her daughter Ruby. I’ve been so lucky to become great friends with her and have photographed her several times.Jamie and Jacinta are amazing inked parents and hired me as their birth photographer. I visited them at their home the day after Beau was born and took this shot.

What are your plans for the future?
An exhibition in a local tattoo shop, a coffee table book (hopefully) and I want to travel to the East coast (of Australia) to photograph every inked mama I can find – including fellow tattooed photographer Kristina Childs.



What would you like to tell to tattooed parents and non tattooed people about the future?
Do not judge someone by their appearance. Being a good parent is teaching your children to treat everyone with respect and dignity – let’s model this behaviour so our kids grow into amazing big people who have kind hearts.


You’re living in Australia and you’re a proud tattooed parent? Get in touch with Belle! You can also take a look at her heart-warming photographies, and this, even outside Australia! Visit her Facebook page.










Original By: JenTheRipper


Pictures: Belle Verdiglione



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