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The X Factor: Interview with Sara X –

BOOB TWERKER SARA X MILLS TRIPS THE LIGHT FANTASTIC Sara X Mills’s eyes are up here, and they are lovely doe eyes. You know her as the “boob twerk” girl but she is so much more than that, as you’ll see/read.


Tattooed parents photography by Belle Verdiglione –

Tattooed parents all over the world are experiencing prejudice. But in order to prove that tattooed parenthood was not only normal, but also as gorgeous as any other type of parenthood, Australian photographer Belle Verdiglione started shooting inked mothers with their offsprings, then, inked fathers and finally, happy and beautiful […]


Dots to Words: ein Interview mit Chaim Machlev

Most tattoo artists I have interviewed have a quite similar story: they had from a young age a connection to tattoos and have been drawing and painting their whole lives. Chaim’s story took me by surprise, not only because it differs so much from what we usually hear but also […]