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Papaya Jack Combo

€ 57,50€ 83,60 inklusive MwSt / including VAT

Combo with Tattoo Butter and Tattoo Balm for during and after tattooing 

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Product Description

 Content of this Package: 1x Tattoo Butter 250ml  + 5x Tattoo Balm 50ml

Papaya Jack Tattoo Butter: To be used during the tattooing process.

Papaya Jack Professional Tattoo Butter minimises the redness, keeps the skin smooth and forms a protective layer that reduces the bleeding and helps with the colour absorption from the skin. The Papaya Butter is stencil friendly and natural made.

Papaya Jack Tattoo Balm: For the fresh tattooed skin.

Papaya Jack brings an exclusive formula based on Carica Papaya. Made with natural ingredients the Papaya Jack Tattoo Balm accelerates and optimises the healing process of the freshly tattooed skin. For the dry and irritated skin Papaya Jack has soothing and calming qualities.

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