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Papaya Jack pays for your Promotion –

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 16.13.44Did you know that Papaya Jack has something very special for its partners? Besides providing you with the best natural made tattoo products for during and after tattooing, Papaya Jack also sets up free of charge a Google Business Page for you.

It means every time someone looks for Papaya Jack in google, or search for a Tattoo Studio on their smartphones, thanks to a paid advertorial campaign (paid  from the old Chest of Treasures from Captain Jack himself), your studio will be displayed with all the relevant information about it like opening hours, contacts and you can even upload pictures of your tattoo work.

_23-2147491295And do not worry about who controls it. You are the administrator from your Business Page, and can manage it as you want. You are free to update it every time you like!

Use your profile to promote your work. You can post pictures, videos, let people follow your work and get closer to all your customers: all that for free! Get ready for business and let your clients know all about it.

This and much more awaits for you as Papaya Jack Partner.

Are you a regular customer from the Papaya Jack products? Then speak with your Sales Manager or write us for more information about all advantages of being a Papaya Jack Partner. Your next order can be free shipping and have even better prices.*

* The papaya Jack Partner Club is only for tattoo artists and tattoo studios . Private customers cannot be members at the moment.

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