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The X Factor: Interview with Sara X –

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Sara X Mills’s eyes are up here, and they are lovely doe eyes. You know her as the “boob twerk” girl but she is so much more than that, as you’ll see/read.

How has your “boob twerking” been received?
Oh God, can we just call it pec flexing? My friend posted the video on one of the tattoo-related Facebook pages with a couple of million followers and put “boob twerk” in the caption—the next day I was on TMZ, they were also calling it “boob twerking,” and so it has been ever since. Anyway, there have been mixed reactions. I did it to be fun/funny/because I’m weird. Some people thought I was serious, some people said I was a slut, some people said that I was selling my body, a few people even told me to kill myself—because that’s how social media is—but overwhelmingly the response was positive and people thought it was odd and hilarious, which was my original intent. Once the parodies started, I knew I had “made it” into pop culture. The animators from American Dad made a little clip in which the character Roger was “boob twerking” and I just about died.

When did you know you could “pec flex?”
I’ve been able to flex my pectoral muscles probably as long as I could remember—it’s just that after I had breast augmentation surgery, with the implants under the muscle, that it began to look so dramatic. What you see now when I flex is actually the implant being moved and compressed by my pectoral muscles. Sexy, right?

Is it a skill that any girl can learn or is it a gift?
Anyone of any gender can learn to do it—it’s a matter of muscle isolation—though the smaller your pecs are the more difficult it is to see, especially if you have a lot of natural breast over top. Anyone with the type of implants I have can do it the way I can, I was just the first to go viral online for it!

Before the videos, which physical asset got the most attention?
My boobs. About a year before the Mozart video my boobs went viral all over the place because I have a tattoo on the left one that says “Fuck You Forever” and it’s been on all kinds of “Best Underboob Tattoo” [ahem,] and “Worst Underboob Tattoo” lists. It was just something I said to someone once when a simple “fuck you” didn’t seem sufficient. I laughed at myself for being clever, then the next time I was in a tattoo shop I decided to have it tattooed under my boob on a whim. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it is apparently lyrics to several songs. Most often people think it’s from this one band’s one song that I have listened to since and think it is garbage, so that gets frustrating. Fun fact: It was originally under my boob, on my ribcage, but once I got implants it migrated to where it is today.

Pre-boobs, my butt and my eyes got lots of compliments. I’ve been modeling for over 10 years now. I didn’t just materialize with Mozart boobs!

You are incredibly charming in the words you write on social media, do you think that helps you find an audience as opposed to models who just have a great visual?
With social media, it’s my goal to be myself as much as possible, to show who I am when I’m not wearing a full face of makeup and to show the world that ladies can be weird and funny and not always perfectly made up or dressed. A large part of my audience just came for the b00bz, but the lamer ones are all sort of being phased out now—after many futile demands to “Just show us your tits!!!”—and replaced with way cooler people who are drawn by the things I post rather than just my aesthetic alone, which is rad.

Do you have a most-loathsome comment that you received on social media?
I always get lots of nice comments, but some days there’s so much negativity it’s a little overwhelming. The worst are probably the ones who try to body shame, slut shame, or just come up with cruel assumptions based on looking at a photo… I hate these the most not because of the effect it has on me but because I know that the people leaving these comments probably say the same type of things to other people who are less prepared to handle it. I hate knowing that they’re going to go right along and say the same things to someone whose day it might actually ruin. Close second are the guys, usually young, who haven’t realized porn isn’t real life. I’m like “Hey dudes, no one wants to hear about what you want to do to me, least of all me!”

What do your parents say?
They’ve been married since 1968 and they’re really old fashioned in a lot of ways so they hate my tattoos, but they’re surprisingly OK with and supportive of my “boob dancing.” My mom tells her friends about it, and gets excited any time I put out a new video. When I was a kid, I did a 4th grade talent show where I sang a duet to an oldies song with a turkey puppet—there’s a video, if you’re lucky I might eventually put it on YouTube—and in her mind this is basically an extension of that, showing my weird creative brain at work. But my tattoos aren’t… so go figure.

Do you have a favorite piece?
Honestly, I love them all. The only one that I would say has had any negative impact on my life is my chest piece—having it, I have come to realize that as accepting as society is in general of tattoos now, chest pieces on girls still aren’t. There are modeling jobs and service industry jobs that I’ve been told I didn’t get because my chest piece was just a little too much. I’ve noticed that there exists an expectation in more mainstream gigs that no matter how many tattoos a woman has, even with full sleeves and neck tattoos, they should still have “clean cleavage.”

What does your new Mozart tattoo mean to you?
The Mozart tattoo is to represent a huge milestone in my life. In fact, it’s probably the only tattoo I have with any true meaning! Before the video, I was sort of at a crossroads in my life and I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go. Being “the Mozart boob twerk girl” has allowed me to travel to Europe and Asia for the first time, and to have tons of experiences that I’d never have had otherwise. It’s taught me a lot as well, about myself, about how to handle negative people, and challenged me to figure out more solidly who I am and what I believe in. I thought it was only fitting that I went back to the artist, Carl Fuchs of Red 5 Tattoo in Virginia, who did almost all of my work to get that piece.

How are you planning on topping “Jingle Bells” this year?
You know, I have no idea. I’m hoping it involves a full orchestra. Luckily for me I have a few months to plan.

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Original Text from: Inked Magazine

Photos by Brinson + Banks

Author: Rocky Rakovic


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