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Tattooed parents photography by Belle Verdiglione –

Tattooed parents all over the world are experiencing prejudice. But in order to prove that tattooed parenthood was not only normal, but also as gorgeous as any other type of parenthood, Australian photographer Belle Verdiglione started shooting inked mothers with their offsprings, then, inked fathers and finally, happy and beautiful […]

papaya-jack-copyrights tattoo

Tattoos and Copyright –

The decision to get a tattoo and what this tattoo will be is always personal. Weighing the pros and cons of this or that design is always a big concern at the beginning: What motive would I want to permanently have on my skin? Will I still be found of […]


Papaya Jack pays for your Promotion –

Did you know that Papaya Jack has something very special for its partners? Besides providing you with the best natural made tattoo products for during and after tattooing, Papaya Jack also sets up free of charge a Google Business Page for you. It means every time someone looks for Papaya […]